Chakras, spiritual balance therapy healing, relieve stressReiki is an ancient healing art originating in Japan and translated means Universal Life Force Energy. This energy is used during hands on healing in a gentle, safe and non-invasive manner to offer an uplifting and healing treatment for mind, body and soul. It can promote a sense of emotional, mental and spiritual balance and an overall feeling of wellness. It is not a religion and is suitable for everyone including babies, pregnant mothers and the elderly. The body consists of energy centres known as Chakras and they particularly influence the body’s endocrine and nervous system. Reiki can help to clear and balance the chakras bringing a deep sense of relaxation and inner peace. Reiki can help the body to heal itself and can be used alone or to support and compliment other therapies. Its benefits include:

◦  Release stress & tension
◦  Relieve anxiety, depression
◦  Remove energy blocks and enhance the body’s ability to heal itself
◦  Relieve pain
◦  Improve sleep and aid in relaxation
◦  Maintain good health
◦  Heal relationships
◦  Promote personal and spiritual development
◦  Encourage positive changes into your life
◦  Bring a sense of calm & inner peace

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