Fertility Reflexology

Feritlity ReflexologyInfertility can be a complex issue causing emotional and physical unease. Over time it can cause a high level of stress and anxiety. Fertility Reflexology may help to restore physical and emotional harmony to assist in enhancing fertility naturally or to support the body and mind leading up to medically assisted fertility procedures such as IVF. Fertility reflexology sessions can promote a deep sense of relaxation and may be very effective in relieving stress which is important when trying to prepare the body for conception.

Hormones are released when a person is under stress that affect and inhibit the immune system, digestive system, repair and reproductive functions of the body. For the body to work optimally the nervous system needs to be relieved of prolonged stressors so as not to cause on ongoing drain on the body systems.

Having regular fertility reflexology treatments can encourage a positive sense of wellbeing by calming and balancing the nervous system and supporting the body to cope with the effects of stress. When the body is in a state of harmony, the endocrine system which is responsible for hormone levels is able to work more effectively and support the functioning of the reproductive system.

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