Baby Reflexology (for Parents)

What is Baby Reflexology? 

reflexology can be used on babies

Baby reflexology workshops for parents

Baby reflexology is a simplified version of the reflexology treatment that is gentle, safe and suitable for newborns to pre-crawlers. It works reflex points on the feet that link to each body system. It’s a natural option (drug free) that may be effective for easing symptoms of common baby ailments such as:

  • colic, reflux, constipation
  • teething
  • poor sleep/restlessness
  • nasal congestion, colds, earache.

Touch is one of the first senses to develop in infancy and research shows that loving, nurturing contact with babies has a positive effect on their development. Reflexology is a gentle touch therapy so can be one way for parents to provide the essential touch that babies need to thrive.

Support for babies, less stress for parents.

Reflexology can support a baby’s healing and make them feel soothed and comforted. Parents can feel more in control using it at times when it can be upsetting and stressful to see their baby in pain or discomfort. Babies generally respond well to it and usually faster than adults. This is because they have not built up the same level of stress and toxins in their bodies.

baby reflexology for common baby ailments

Parents can use Reflexology to soothe their babies

Baby reflexology can be used on its own for minor or recurring illnesses, or alongside medical treatments. It can be flexible and easily given on a sofa, in a car seat, on a lap, beanbag, floor, or a changing unit.

A full treatment from a Reflexologist lasts about 5-10 minutes. There are simple techniques that parents can learn and put to use in the comfort of their own home. Parents can add a fun and effective way to support the health and development of their babies. It can be used at times of need or as part of a regular routine for bonding and maintaining wellbeing.

If you would like to know more about this valuable therapy contact Ula  086 087 2526 events page

Baby Reflexology Workshops are starting soon in the following centres:

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Reflexology for Pregnancy

As a reflexologist fully trained in Pregnancy Reflexology I have had the pleasure of treating numerous women from the 2nd trimester up to full term pregnancy with a range of associated symptoms and received positive feedback about the many benefits of reflexology. Whilst pregnancy is a wonderful and exciting time it can also bring about feelings of anxiety and physical discomforts. Pregnancy Reflexology can help mothers cope with the changes in their bodies and ease some of the symptoms of pregnancy such as:

  •  *nausea and vomitingbellypaint-769769_1280
  •  *headaches
  •  *heartburn and indigestion,
  •  *constipation
  •  *stress and tension
  •  *pelvic aches and pains
  •  *insomnia
  •  *carpel tunnel
  •  *fluid retention

Research has found Reflexology to be safe and beneficial during pregnancy and that having regular treatments in the weeks leading up to birth it can reduce the length of labour.
Reflexology helps to:

  • *balance the hormones that regulate the labour process
  •  *promote relaxation and stress reduction
  •  *boost energy during labour

Research has shown that reflexology in pregnancy can:

  • *reduce the need for induction
  • *significantly reduce pain during labour
  • *reduce the need for pain relief, as it stimulates the production of natural  endorphins.
  • *promote relaxation for the mother
  • *help prepare the body for the birth if the baby if overdue.

I get a lot of enquiries and bookings from anxious and stressed women who are 40+ weeks pregnant hoping a reflexology treatment will induce labour, and while this may happen it’s not guaranteed and I believe Reflexology at this stage (as research suggests) is likely to be more effective if a woman has been having regular reflexology treatments as their body will have had time to respond to reflexology; it’s calming and balancing effect on the body systems and specific techniques for pregnancy and birth preparation. Reflexology studies have also shown positive effects for:pregnant-776506_1280

  • *reducing postnatal depression
  • *reducing levels of anxiety
  • *aiding lactation
  • *quicker recovery of gastrointestinal function following C-section births
  • *after the birth, babies have been found to be calm, suckle better and be less prone to colic.

Reflexology during pregnancy is recommended from 12 weeks. If you would like to find out more about how reflexology could help you during your pregnancy please contact Ula on 086 087 2526. Appointments are available at Ananda Centre Slane & Flax Mill Studios Navan, Meath.

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Reflexology for Insomnia

As a reflexologist I work reflex points on the feet that relate to organs and glands in the body. I do this by using specific techniques and massage that stimulates the body to balance and heal itself which can have positive outcomes for health conditions such as Insomnia.

What is Insomnia?

Insomnia is when a person has difficulty falling asleep or remaining asleep over a period of time. Poor sleep will negatively impact on a person’s daily activity and affect their wellbeing. It can be caused by a number of things from ill-health to life’s pressures and worries. Insomnia can interrupt the body’s state of rest and repair. park-bench-771653_1280This places stress on the organs and how the body functions. Lack of sleep can affect physical, emotional and mental health. For instance it can impair concentration and memory, cause anxiety and depression and hormone imbalance such as elevated cortisol (stress hormone).  If your mind is racing and your body is tense, restful regular sleep can be difficult to obtain.

How can Reflexology Help?

*Reflexology may help reduce mental and physical stress of daily life.
*The body and mind can respond positively to the manipulation of reflexes on the feet as it promotes a sense of calm and deep relaxation.
*Reflexology may reduce tension within the body and is particularly effective for stress relief. As over 70% of GP visits are for ill-health resulting from stress and nervous tension, reflexology may prove beneficial for a number of health conditions including insomnia.
*Relax the nervous system and calm the mind, helping to improve mental clarity.
*Ease pain and reduce headaches.
*Boost energy levels.
*When the body relaxes and sleeps well it can work at restoring and balancing its systems, for example hormones. Using reflexology as a tool to relax many clients report better sleep patterns; improvd ability to fall asleep and remain asleep.

Reflexology is a natural way of achieving a deep level of relaxation and comfort needed to fully rest. It is drug free and enjoyable, helping the body and mind to reach a state of calm and balance that is needed for healthy sleep. sleeping-time-650684_1280Research into the effects of reflexology on insomnia have reported beneficial effects on reducing insomnia and improving sleep patterns. This supports the experience I often have with clients who report feeling relaxed and sleepy during and directly after a treatment. Many find an improvement in the quality of their sleep as ongoing adequate sleep is restored after several sessions.

For more information on Reflexology contact Ula on  086 087 2526 or see
Treatments available in the Ananda Centre Slane and Flax Mill Studios Navan and can be claimed with Health Insurers (subject to policy cover)

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Reflexology at the Ananda Centre in Slane

Sole Serenity Therapy is delighted to announce we are now delivering Reflexology in Slane The treatments are available at The Ananda Centre, Knockmooney, Slane, Co Meath.

REFLEXOLOGY is a natural, gentle complimentary therapy suitable for all ages. It can Reflexology in Slane at the Ananda Centrehelp improve lymphatic drainage, eliminate toxins, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress, ease pain, improve circulation & nerve functioning. Reflexology is deeply relaxing, activates healing within the body and restores balance.

It can be of benefit if experiencing the following conditions :

*stress, anxiety, tension *headaches*muscular aches & pains *digestive disorders *respiratory disorders *menopausal symptoms *pms*fertility*pregnancy*allergies*arthritis*insomnia

You can now avail of some of our treatments including Reflexology in Slane at the Ananda Centre.

For more information on Reflexology and its health benefits click here REFLEXOLOGY

Call Ula on 0860872526 to book an appointment or for more information on how Reflexology can help you.

Ananda Centre, Knockmooney, Slane, Co Meath

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