Ayurvedic Foot Massage

Foot massage for reflex points, ayurvedic, good health and well being, clearing chakras.In the Ayurvedic tradition feet are said to contain reflex points to all organs and parts of the body systems.  Massage of the feet and calves helps to eliminate toxins and encourages the body’s own healing process. This treatment is an excellent way to ease tension as it is an invigorating massage involving a variety of techniques and activation of the marmas (Indian Pressure Points) which can achieve electrochemical balance in the body and clearing of the chakras (energy centres, of which the 7 main chakras are reflected in the feet). This promotes free-flowing energy for good health and wellbeing. Benefits of this massage include:

◦Increased blood circulation

◦Increased lymph drainage

◦Relieve muscle tension, aches & pains

◦Aids joint flexibility

◦Deeply relaxing & stress relieving

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