• Specialising in Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology Offering a variety of complimentary therapies 
in a truly holistic approach to support all your needs.
  • Specialising in Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology Offering a variety of complimentary therapies 
in a truly holistic approach to support all your needs.

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Take time out to relax and regenerate with a highly qualified Reflexologist and Holistic Therapist. Receive the best customer care in an atmosphere of serenity. Reflexology, Reiki and a range of Massage Therapies including deep tissue massage are available to help you restore mind, body and soul.


This therapy can encourage your body to relax, re-balance and activate its self healing ability. Enjoy a relaxing and restorative treatment that may benefit your entire body system. Reflexology can help to relieve stress, improve and maintain general health and increase your sense of wellbeing. Click for more info on Reflexology

Specialising in Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology Sole Serenity Therapy offers confidential, personalised treatments based on a client’s needs.

Pregnancy Reflexology can be used during pregnancy and up to post natal care. It is a specialist treatment used to promote the overall health and wellbeing of the mother and her developing baby.  It can help to balance the functions of the body, relax the mother and ease some of the uncomfortable symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, indigestion, constipation, insomnia, sciatica, aches and pains, oedema.

Pregnancy Reflexology increases relaxation and can be used to support the health of the mother through the trimesters and in preparation for labour and birth. Treatments can be used following birth to help with physical recovery, pain relief, and getting the menstrual cycle of new mums back to normal.  This gentle therapy may also assist with healing in post natal depression.

Fertility Reflexology Are you trying to get pregnant and it’s taking longer than you expected? Are you becoming more disheartened and stressed as time goes on? Infertility can cause huge emotional and physical stress and research has revealed that stress can have a negative impact on fertility, inhibiting the body’s ability to conceive.

Some common conditions that cause infertility are endometriosis, ovulatory problems, irregular menstrual cycle, polycystic ovary syndrome, hormone imbalance, low sperm vitality, a combination or unexplained infertility. Reflexology is a gentle, natural therapy that is increasingly being used as a way to relax and balance body and mind, and enhance general health in preparation for getting pregnant naturally. It is a complimentary therapy that can also support a couple through conventional medical treatments such as IVF.

By having regular sessions you may find that you improve your body’s ability to conceive naturally and may not need IVF.

Infertility can affect women and men therefore treatments can be offered to individuals or couples, as both can benefit from the restorative and rebalancing effects of reflexology.

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“To get through the hardest journey, we need to take only one step at a time but we must keep on stepping” Chinese Saying


Nourish your mind, body and soul with a gentle healing energy that can restore and maintain a sense of wellbeing. Working to help clear any physical or emotional blocks, Reiki can relieve stress and disharmony to initiate the body’s ability to heal itself and realign with its intended state of balance and health. Click for more info on Reiki


Enjoy the relaxing and restorative benefits of body work, choosing from a variety of massage styles and techniques to suit your needs. Ease out the stress and tensions of daily life and allow yourself to unwind and refresh both body and mind. Click for more info on Deep Tissue Massage,  Aromatherapy MassageAyurvedic Foot Massage, Indian Head Massage

Sole Serenity Therapy -specialising in Fertility & Pregnancy Reflexology. Also offering a variety of complimentary therapies in a truly holistic approach to support all your health needs

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